10 Best TikTok Influencers.


Fikri Zamri – @fikri_zamri. .


Today, we will be introducing 7 Malaysian influencers that are worth checking out on TikTok.

The year after, there were eight. She reminds her followers to have fun, dance in the kitchen, and celebrate life. .


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1. That means a business can be seen by almost 72% of the entire population in this country.


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in.

Undoubtedly, influencers have become one of the most important and effective partners for marketers. Meet the 10 honourees in The Z List 2021.

These lists are meant to be the annual “definitive list of young people changing the world”. But his fitness journey has been far from easy; starting with his awkward teen years when he was laughed at for being skinnier and.

The Young Spikes Malaysia awards are for professionals under the age of 30.
Fikri Zamri – @fikri_zamri.
Recently listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 2022 Asia List, Raudhah Nazran is a Malaysian government scholar who graduated with honours in law from the United Kingdom (UK).

You’ve probably heard of Neelofa or Vivy Yusof’s big break on the list but here are the youthful influentials that we should be keeping a close eye on, according to Forbes 2017.


May 15, 2023 · Madison Williams. Started her professional career in 2014, Daiyan has since then graced the Malaysian. Find out who is the #1 Instagram creator in Malaysia.

Despite being a business owner, Shah still collaborates with other brands and provides authentic reviews that his followers trust. Nov 3, 2022 · The 2022 “The Future of E-Commerce with Malaysian Influencers” survey was conducted by Shopee Marketplace, between 28 September and 26 October 2022. . . Globally renowned businesswoman Martha Stewart made Sports Illustrated Swimsuit history Monday, as the 81-year-old was revealed as the oldest cover model in the.

On both her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she loves to post entertaining, bite-sized video clips for food and dance challenges.

Young, multi-talented, intelligent with a charming energy and confidence – that’s 26 year-old Daiyan Trisha. YouTube is one of the most-used social media platforms in Malaysia.

Rita Nassiri – @ritanassiri.

Young, multi-talented, intelligent with a charming energy and confidence – that’s 26 year-old Daiyan Trisha.


By launching ads on YouTube, a marketer may reach almost 24 million Malaysians.

Aina – @ainaalie.