pretty art! will the Al Haitham art also have an animal beside him? I'm curious which animal you will draw with Al Haitham 😄”.

In This Moment.


Some Sentences.

He was smug, arrogant, and way too smart.

Some Sentences. Some Sentences. No smut, unfortunately, but fantastic writing in spades.

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. "20 years ago" from the status quo kaveh saw the posters for the last interdarshan competition. x.

Some Sentences. And also the story of how Kaveh realises he is a lovable person.

The Reckless.


Character Design. .

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000 DP)”.

class=" fc-falcon">26 Stories. . Meanwhile Kaveh just hit early puberty and is more eager than anything to "feel good".

Girl Outfits. You’ve got plenty of work to do, and a week won’t kill you. Apr 23, 2023 · “we should definitely head to the asipattravana swap and get mourning flowers. Published Nov 7, 2022. Roommates Kaveh and Alhaitham have finally interacted in Genshin Impact, making it all the more obvious that the two are polar. The fact that Kaveh asked for a welcome home kiss while Alhaitham is talking makes me think that the second Kaveh walked through the door Alhaitham just started rambling to him about scientific theories.

RT @OvsyanArt: If you want to get this full shoot AND others haikaveh shoots - we have a special tier on Patreon “Al Haitham x Kaveh pack” (it includes 3.

23. Welcum home 😚 [Kaveh x Al Haitham] art by tinkrnwn on Twitter.





How Beautiful.